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5 after-sales tips for realtors – Socioherald
September 28, 2021


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5 after-sales tips for realtors


After-sales is a fundamental strategy for all market segments, especially in times of a retracted economy like the one Brazil is experiencing. It would be no different for realtors.

Thinking about it, we decided to bring, in this post, a reflection on the theme. Keep reading to understand how important it is to do customer relationship actions even after he has already signed the purchase, sale or lease agreement!

The importance of after-sales for realtors

The real estate market has never been more competitive than it is today. Therefore, real estate brokers must pay more and more attention to the relationship with their already conquered clients like Blue World City.

And that has a few reasons for it to happen: loyalty, generate reputation and get new business leads, maintain trust for when customers decide to make new acquisitions, etc.

A client who is well served during the negotiation process and maintains cordial relations with his broker then tends to remember him when a new need arises. Likewise, when someone requests a referral, he will remember the broker who helped him through the process and was available to help you even after your purchase, sale or lease was completed.

How Realtors Can Establish Effective after Sales

Here are some tips that can make brokers’ after-sales strategy more effective:

1. Make yourself available to answer questions

If the entire period of negotiation between broker and client was cordial and generated credibility, breaking this climate after the contract was signed may mean loss of opportunities.

Therefore, it is interesting to leave free communication channels (e-mail, telephone, social networks, etc.) for when doubts arise. Responding promptly to any requests will also demonstrate an interest in maintaining a relationship.

2. Show concern

Let’s imagine a situation in which the business was selling an apartment. Making a call a month later asking if the client has adapted well to the new home, for example, is a way of approaching and showing concern.

3. Indicate services that help the customer

It is also important to have contact with service providers such as electricians, plumbers, painters etc. Thus, if the client requests, the directions will be very useful and he will feel prestigious.

For this, of course, it is necessary to have highly reliable professionals who do good work at reasonable prices.

4. Keep the customer informed

Periodically, it is interesting to send newsletters to customers. This can be done via email, once a month.

In these communications, it is generally very useful to send trends in the real estate market, new business tips, event tips, establishments and services in the client’s neighborhood, etc. But be careful: it is recommended to make the communications more personal so that they do not look like mere propaganda pieces!

5. Make yourself present on holidays

Finally, making contact with the customer on his birthday and on the most significant commemorative dates of the year (Christmas, Easter, and New Year, etc.) is also very strategic and effective.

This shows empathy and reveals that the relationship is much more than commercial. And it can have very positive effects in the medium and long term!

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