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Find out how to shorten the phases of selling real estate! – Socioherald
September 28, 2021


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Find out how to shorten the phases of selling real estate!

selling real estate

One of the biggest challenges facing the brokerage professional in the current market is to reduce the cycle of property sales like Blue World City. Although several factors contribute to increase or decrease the time it takes customers to re-acquire or finalize a negotiation, there are some attitudes that can considerably shorten this interval.

And the best part of this story is that some of the most efficient strategies to act in this area can be surprisingly simple. So, were you curious? Want to find out how to shorten your property sales cycle? So be sure to check out the content we’ve prepared below:

1. Know the behavior of customers

The first step to shorten the property sales cycle and also to improve your performance as a professional is to get to know your customers’ behavior and characteristics. For this, you can use your previous database or do research with questions directed to your audience.

Inquire, above all, about some crucial points that directly influence the purchase decision, such as income range, occupation, average ticket and preference areas. In this way, it is possible to put together an appropriate strategy to attract them, even when the interval would tend to be medium to long term.

2. Use technology to your advantage

Technology, when well used, as it is fundamental to reduce the property sales cycle. This is an industry that is having a number of positive impacts from modern tools, and for that reason, you should not be left out. Whether to collect data, organize reports or analyze the purchase journey, being at the forefront is essential.

A good way to improve your performance in this regard is by purchasing relationship software, such as a CRM. This type of program allows you to collect a series of characteristics about your audience and, in this way, be able to understand their demands, desires and needs.

3. Decrease bureaucratic processes

We all know that many homeowners tend to relax with bureaucratic issues and do not worry as they should about certain items such as documentation and the payment of common fees for their property. However, although this is relatively common, this is a situation that can cause you to miss good opportunities.

To prevent this from happening to you, uncomplicated! Try to keep the documentation of the units that you have on the card up to date and have all the data and pending matters properly registered. Certificates, taxes and fees need to be up to date, so that if any interested party appears, the negotiation is as simple as possible.

4. Extend your ways of contact

Finally, expanding the forms of contact or service is another strategic attitude to reduce the cycle of property sales. Again, this is an issue that is strongly related to the emergence of opportunities: you can lose an excellent deal if the customer is unable to speak to you.

In this context, having at least two phone lines from different operators is just the beginning. Communication apps are also essential and almost no one currently survives without WhatsApp. Have a professional email address and remember to check your inbox daily.

These are some attitudes to reduce the cycle of real estate sales. Did you like the content? Then share this article on your social networks!

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